Midnight state of mind…


Yeah, it’s midnight here in Montreal, actually I’m on the south shore of Montreal. I’m in a calm mood, you know when you can’t think of anything, it almost feels like nothing is happening in your mind and it’s ok like that! I’m lying down on my bed with my laptop on my chest and all the lights are shut down so the only thing I see is what I’m writing here.

Just started playing some Pat Metheny song on my laptop. Can you guess which song? The best one! Minuano (Six eight) from his 1987 record ►Still life (talking)◄. Here’s what I’m talking about. I discovered Pat when I was 14 and was walking my way to school every morning with my walkman cassette player. I would just fly over to school since I loved Pat’s music so much. Pat made me see the music in a whole different way, I was introduced to another level, I was introduced to new a dimension that music can bring us.

Minuano (Six eight)

From that moment on I knew that music could be anything you want it to be when you compose it. You decide where you wish to go with your music, when to stop, when to make it left or right or fly etc. You decide which colors and sounds to merge together, you play with words and different tones. You are the boss, the creator. Pat Metheny made me discover that music can be so beautiful, powerful, simple, and also complex all at the same time in an 8 minute timeframe or song or journey as I would call Pat’s songs.

Pat Metheny

I know that at 14 years old, you’re not supposed to be into Pat Metheny’s music but more into pop stuff! I would also listen to Ian McCulloch (Ex-singer from Echo & the Bunnymen). His 1989 record ►Candleland◄ and particularly the song ►Proud to fall◄. I just loved his poetry and his voice and melodies on that record. These artists shaped me in so many ways.

Proud to fall

Ian McCulloch

Music has to move me in order to get my full attention, it has to sound beautiful and sincere. I sing and write songs because I want to say something, and it is not hatred or resentment or war matter. I’ll always sing about hope and kindness towards each other, that’s how I want to make my music sound to your ears and heart. Write beautiful melodies with poignant lyrics on heavenly chords and atmosphere and there you go! Enough said…

Ok now, I’m off to bed, night night y’all.


Self-esteem vs self-confidence

I’m sure you know someone out there that lacks self-esteem and self-confidence. You probably even have someone in your family or friends that suffer from it. They are so unsure of themselves that they will never make a decision until they are forced to do so.

The type of people who are following the leaders and not asking questions or anything. Afraid that everybody will laugh at them or make fun of them. They are just not taking their places. They have the right to speak and express whatever they feel. That is just so sad. I know a lot people surrounding me with no confidence at all.

Can we blame the parenting in these situations? Most probably yes. You have the type of family where dad is a police officer and mom is a stay at home mom and the kids are brought up like little soldiers. Their dad belittles them all the time because they are not good kids he says. Dad always says -When we go out at the shopping mall or a family party reunion, you better be flawless and if you don’t behave I’ll show you what I’m capable of doing. You are nothing without me and your mom, understand boys? Nothing!!

This dad is totally abusing and destroying their self-esteem and self-confidence. They’re are not allowed to talk, to express their feelings, they have to shut up all the time. And I know out there, they’re are many families who are brought up this way. Isn’t it a shame? Just imagine how much pain those little soldiers feel when to them their daddy is the strongest dad in the world. They can’t understand, they are confused and hurt all at the same time.

The question that should come to their mind would be; -Daddy why are you hurting us, we love you so much? That’s what I went through with my dad.

These kids were not raised by their families, they were put down! So why do you think depression, anxiety, suicide has ever been so high in history? We can’t blame it all on the parents of course, society plays a major role in this, teaching them to be No.1 in every aspect of their lives. Everywhere we go, we are bombarded with publicity, news journals, social media, internet, tv, iPhones. They always talk about one thing; PERFORMING. Being the best in every aspect. That is so wrong and dangerous at the same time. What happens if you can’t be the best in every domain of your life? Daddy wont like you as much anymore? Mommy will be ashamed in public? There can only be one number one, only one. They don’t teach you how to behave or cope with life when you finish 47th!!! Why do you think anti-depressants and anxiety pills are prescribed to millions of people everywhere?

Let me tell you, when others (friends, colleagues, families, teachers) say nice things about you, they compliment you always and encourage you to follow your dreams and everything. Is that esteem? Hell yeah! But it’s esteem from the others and it is so great to have these people around you in your life to give you a boost and help you whenever they can but the story at the end is that these people are not always there or available to compliment you and everything. So what do we do? Where can we get esteem please help me someone!

That’s when the big surprise arrives. Esteem from others is superb and so cool but you must learn and practice self-esteem yourself. YOU have to tell you that you’re hot, beautiful, sweet, gentle, classy, enjoyable, good looking etc…

So self-esteem has to come from the self! That is it. And that is the hardest part because when all of you were growing up, you’re family belittled you and worse you came to believe them. You need to change your perceptions, the way you see life.

You’re worth it, whoever you are. You deserve the best, nothing less. You are not a failure. You are so beautiful and don’t know it yet but in time you’ll discover this great person that is you. You are a miracle, you are authentic, there is only one copy of you, don’t be shy to show the world that you are someone good with a kind heart. Kindness is within you, love is within you, you have so much to give to others, you can teach others, you can raise your children with love and not repeat what your dad did to you and your brothers.

So you need to practice self-esteem by yourself, YOU have to tell you I LOVE YOU and accept who you are right away. And with that and practice you will discover self-confidence. You won’t be afraid of speaking your mind anymore, you will take your place and not someone else’s.

With that confidence, you will be able to raise your kids and teach them self-esteem and self-confidence. The opinions of others won’t matter to you anymore! You are confident and you have self-esteem to back you up now! This will change your values and principles. You will see life in a whole different way, every aspect of your life will change for the better and you know what? People surrounding you will notice all of these changes within you. But the only thing that will have changed is the way you perceive yourself and your life. And then you will feel compassion for other people that don’t have self-esteem and self-confidence. Maybe you’ll want to help these people by showing them that there is a solution out there or shall I say in there! You can share your story with them, maybe you will give them hope that it is possible to change like the way you just did!

I have faith in humankind. I know that everybody has a good heart,but when we suffer or hurt, we tend not to show our good heart. I don’t know if I believe in God like a lot of people do. I don’t judge them at all, they are entitled to believe whatever they want. But for my part I believe in a force greater than ourselves and I like to call it LOVE and KINDNESS.

We are humans with kind hearts, love and intelligence. And MONEY is destroying all of that along with ambition. They always want more, they always need more. They think that POWER will bring them recognition and respect, but we are not gonna buy that. We know better. People know better.

We don’t want wars against countries and peoples, we need wars to fight against poverty and injustice. I’m a lover not a fighter. The path is there; help the poor before you and salvation is there waiting for you. But serve the richest first and you will contribute to maintain poverty. It’s as simple as that.

Compassion is the way…

Love and kindness to all of you my friends and followers

Your devoted friend,


The 30 questions survey

1) When were you born? 

-January 24th, 1974.

2) Where were you born?

-Montreal, Canada.

3) Mother’s name and father’s name?

-Lise and Yves.

4) Any brothers and sisters?

-Not that I know of!

5) Are you single right now?


6) Favorite color?


7) Favorite food?

-Smoked meat!

8) Favorite season?


9) Favorite hockey team?

– Montreal Canadiens, of course!

10) Afraid of anything?

-Spiders and what’s underneath the sea!

11) Do you believe in UFOs?

-Yeah, of course, I’m one of them!

12) Favorite beer brand?

-I don’t drink alcohol at all, I don’t do drugs and I don’t smoke tobacco.

13) Do you believe in God?

-I believe in a force that is stronger than us and I like to call it love and kindness.

14) Favorite actor?

-Robin Williams all the way!

15) Favorite actress?

-Rachel Weisz…

16) Favorite movie soundtrack?

-Braveheart OST composed by James Horner with the London Symphony Orchestra.

17) Your Top 5 movies of all time?

-Braveheart, Patch adams, The Notebook, The road to El Dorado, August Rush.

18) Books I’m reading at the moment?

-Anne Murray’s autobiography and Confessions of a record producer by Moses Avalon.

19) To me the best pop singers in the world?

-George Michael, Elton John, Bryan Adams, Eva Cassidy, Anne Murray, Karen Carpenter, Bono, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Ron Sexsmith, Ginette Reno, Keane, Simply Red, Zucchero, Tony Bennett , k.d.Lang, Dusty Springfield and Shania Twain.

20) To me the best classical or opera singers?

-Luciano Pavarotti, Cecilia Bartoli, Anna Netrebko, Ben Heppner, Placido Domingo.

21) Favorite classical composers?

-Maurice Ravel, Frédéric Chopin, Érik Satie, Jean-Sébastien Bach, Ludvig van Beethoven, Claude Debussy, Sergey Rachmaninov.

22) Greatest accomplishment in life?

-Went to rehab in 2002 and been sober ever since.

23) Why did you start a blog?

-To show you the world through my eyes!

24) Were you a popular kid in high school?

-Not much but I remember being the clown of the class!

25) What instruments move you like no other?

-The oboe without a doubt. Cello comes 2nd and piano 3rd.

26) What’s your favorite pop song?

-Miss Sarajevo (U2 and Pavarotti)

27) What’s your favorite classical song?

-Maurice Ravel’s Concerto in G major played by Hélène Grimaud tied with Chopin’s Nocturne Op.27 No.2 played by Lang Lang.

28) What songs make you cry instantly?

-Original of the species by U2, Fall at your feet by Jesse Cook and sang by Ron Sexsmith, Walk on by U2, Empty Garden by Elton John, My heart dances by Elton John, You gotta love someone by Elton John, Send in the clowns by Frank Sinatra, Native son from Bryan Adams and Home again from Bryan as well.

29) Your height and weight?

-6 foot 4 and 265 pounds

30) Who will win the Stanley Cup this year?

-Chicago Blackhawks in 6 games!

Now, that you know me a bit better, it is time for me to jump in my bed and go to sleep!!

Oh and btw, if you have any suggestions that you would like me to talk about, you can write to me at ; jadenrhodes@live.ca

Your devoted virtual friend,


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